Seller Reviews

“We were more than pleased with Kim Cooper’s level of professionalism and service. Regardless of the situation, questions or problems outside of our control, Kim went “way” above and beyond our expectations. He “GETS” the job done, PERIOD! As happy seller’s, we’d highly recommend Kim without any reservation whatsoever to anyone who wishes to sell their home.”

Roger Stephens

“We were referred to Kim Cooper when we were trying to sell our home. He came prepared with market analysis and answers to all of our questions, in order to price the home correctly. Through the year it took to sell our home, Kim always answered calls and e mails, kept us up-to-date with market information, so we could make the best decisions possible. He was with us through closing, handling any little issues that came up. We would highly recommend Kim to anyone who needs a realtor who is knowledgeable, thorough and will work to meet your real estate needs.”

Ron and Cathy Thompson

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kim Cooper, Select Brokers, for the past few months.

My mom had been a resident of Coeur d’Alene and needed to relocate to California to be closer to my sister and me. The idea of having to handle a real estate transaction from California seemed daunting at the time, but with Kim’s help it went very smoothly. He handled the transaction very professionally and guided me through every step via e-mail and telephone.

I highly recommend Kim Cooper for any real estate transactions and am lucky to call him a friend now.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Tami Friedrich
Corona, CA

“Eight and a half years ago I was a newcomer and business owner to Coeur d’Alene. I was desperate to find a home to suit me. One of my Barber Shop customers was Kim Cooper. He took on the task and was very patient. Once I found my home, he did what ever it took to get me in it. I have met some pretty fine Realtors over the years in CDA, but I believe in loyalty. So when it was time to sell I called Kim Cooper. Now with more years of experience under his belt, he was my first choice again.

Kim and I went through the house inside and out identifying the needed changes. He took the time to note every detail for consumer attraction and my needs. His motto is to make it a “Win-Win” deal for all.

The first day the sign went in the yard he had appointments lined up and remained at my home the whole afternoon.

Then the full offer came in…Wow! He did everything in a timely fashion so I felt like his only customer. Thank you Kim Cooper!

I highly recommend this “Gentleman Realtor: to everyone. He is the epitome of professionalism!”

Gussie O’Connor
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“Thank you for your understanding (glad we are on the same page), support and holding our hands, but most of all that you are treating us like we are your only clients :), Have a successful day and thank you for everything!”

Connie & Martin

“Kim Cooper, What a guy. We sold my house in 60 days. I had another REALTOR® come and look at my house and that person was only interested in getting another listing. That person did not want to walk the property and look at the barn, storage shed, or basement. Kim came in and looked at everything and knew all about my acre. When he was asked questions, he knew all the answers. It was unbelievable that it went that fast. We only had a 23 day escrow. He is the man to sell your property.”

Carole Carlis

“This brokerage is a no nonsense, competent, professional firm that knows their audience for any given property and knows how to price, market, and sell the property. Our unique property included family homes, outbuildings, acreage both timbered and open fields, and more and Kim Cooper/Select Brokers recognized the value and priced it accordingly. The time from listing to first offer was 1 day and we were fortunate enough to receive multiple offers within a 24 hour period of time allowing us to make the best choice from the offers for our family. Kim did a tremendous job navigating the offers, assisting us with counteroffers and following through during the entire transaction to closing. We were extremely satisfied with his performance, the management of our sale and the manner in which the entire process was handled. We would highly recommend working with Kim Cooper and Select Brokers for ANY real estate transaction. Terrific job done!

Kim was amazing. Having held this property in our family for 70+ years, it was a huge decision to decide it was time to sell it. The magnitude of the decision was not lost on Kim. He spent a great deal of time inspecting the entire property, learning the details that were important to us, estimating and placing a sales value on the property, advertising it to a large audience via internet, social media and other platforms which are now tools most buyers search for property to purchase, all while being professional, friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable keeping us apprised every step of the way and ensuring our comfort level moving along was taken into consideration at every step. The transaction went so seamlessly and without any problems that we were thrilled, amazed and delighted with the entire process.”

Tom and Kathie
Hayden Lake, ID

“We have dealt Kim Cooper on other business, was impressed with his honestly and we became friends. I do not know how we would have accomplished what we did in such a short time without Kim’s help and advice.”

Paul and Donna
Libengood, Spring Church, PA

“Kim Cooper was wonderful during the whole process. We really loved working with him and glad for the quick sale. He was the best ever!!! Very caring and knowledgeable.”

Donna Branson
Coeur D Alene, Idaho

“Kim did a very excellent job on the sale of our house and he is very professional and knows the area and the market very well. Once our house was put on the Market the fifth day and the fifth person who looked at it bought it !!!!!!! we could not have asked for it to be any easier !!!!!! Thank you Kim for the excellent service you did for us !!!!”

Audie W Hanley
Yuma AZ

“We heard Kim was a great broker and he came highly recommended from a friend. Kim was great. Always right there when I had questions, which was often. Very helpful with everything from advice, helping me with things that needed done around the house to prepare for sale. I would recommend Kim Cooper for your next real estate agent cause he is committed to selling your house. Thanks Kim for the great job.”

Carolyn Bowyer
Post Fall, ID

Kim always works professionally. He knows the market and he knows where to price our property. He is knowledgeable with the area and with the professionals that are dealt with during the sales process. I would highly recommend Kim.”

Debbie Shipman
Post Falls, ID

“Kim Cooper handled an out of state sale for my mom with ease! We are so lucky that we found him! He is very responsive which made the transaction that much easier. I highly recommend him for all of your real estate needs.”


“We needed to sell our home when the market was down, Kim brought all the information we needed to decide on a fair price, a number of times as the market changed. He stayed with us through the whole process, almost a year. In that time he returned phone calls and e mails promptly, listened to our ideas, answered all questions and encouraged us that everything would work out. We would definitely rate him a #1 agent in the Inland NW and recommend him to everyone.”


Dear Kim:

I’m responding to your request to address some of the issues in writing that we discussed the other day over our dining room table. It’s the least I can do to thank you for working our listing for the last six months in this difficult condo market.

For others to know:

  1. You were totally honest about the correct pricing we should have used from the beginning. And somehow you got other realtors in the door at the price I chose, which was $10,000 higher.
  2. Having bought and sold many houses in my investment history, I know the difference between listing with a company-owned Brokerage office and with an independent broker like yourself.My experience has been that the company-owned shop is most interested in getting the full commission for its own brokerage and does not work as hard to excite other shops about selling their own listing. Yes, they have several brokers to introduce the listing to within their own brokerage office, but if one agent gets discouraged the rest of the agents know about it immediately and shift away from focusing on our listing. In your case, which is not the norm for independent brokers, you have become well known for your real estate knowledge both with other brokers through the Association and with the public through your weekly column in the CDA Press. And you work hard to find ways to keep the listing fresh on the MLS. I felt that a broader market was available to us through your efforts than with the single brokerage office.
  3. I would encourage anyone who appreciates a good marketing effort and good advice on how to make your property more attractive to a prospective buyer to work with you. You’re direct and really “tell it like it is.” When the market puts our correct sales price up closer to what I would like, we’ll try again (if I live that long!).

Thanks again.”

Kathleen I. Krier, Owner


Yesterday when you phoned me to tell me the deal was closed, I was very busy moving things, very tired, and moving is not real fun.

On a good note, thank you very much for listing and selling our home for the exact price we were asking even though the market had supposedly “softened”. I still can’t believe you did it all in less than seven days. You were very patient listening to the concerns of both my wife and I thinking about selling and not really wanting to move at the same time. Well it all has worked out for the best and now we are in the home we love at this point with the much larger yard and the xtra shop space that I most definitely will have a great time with. When we started this conversation on the listing and purchase of our new home, it almost seemed like a far off dream – but with the short time frame we gave you, you made it happen with huge time to spare and for that I am very thankful. In your business like mine, we do what we do and expect no real thank you in return. Of course, we get paid for what we do but that is life. The little things mean a lot and during this entire ordeal, you have made it very easy for us to deal with. You are a great communicator and hopefully thru this buy/sell I have learned something from you. It is unfortunate that other realtors who claim to be “professionals” don’t act and do the same things as you. In the end, thank you for the truly professional dealings you have had with us and thank you for actually being a friend and not just a salesperson wanting our listing.”

Again, thank you very much for your help and letting us realize the dream is possible.”

Tom Murphy

“For several months my husband and I tried to sell our successful business. We had not planned on hiring a realtor. However, when I spoke to Kim Cooper about another business property that he had listed, it was obvious that he knew how to communicate with people and was very professional. He answered all my questions, took time to do the research I requested, then returned all my calls and e-mails quickly.

Soon after that, I had my husband go to meet with him and we decided to have him list our business. Kim took the time to learn about our operation and what it would take for a new owner to take over. He provided his personal experience in marketing then made the financial commitment to advertise in several locations. Although it took some time to get the right person, he continued to follow through and communicate with us about new ideas and options.

When interested parties called he was always available and made the time to show them what we had to offer. We became a team in helping clients see the present and future value of the business, as well as assess their financial ability to buy. There were selling points that he saw, which we did not and Kim really filled in the gaps with his expertise.

Once we found the right buyer he was very helpful in the overall transition and the final sale. We are pleased to have Kim Cooper as our partner in selling a business, real estate or land and will use him in the future.

Another Happy Customer Who is FREE!!!”

Terri Matthews