North Idaho Glossary

Pronunciation Guide for the five North Counties of Idaho

Below are some words that may come up in casual conversation that when pronounced phonetically will give up the fact that you are from somewhere else.

Kootenai (Koota-knee) County is the largest in population of the five northern counties.
It’s most populous City is Coeur d’Alene (Core da lane).

Here is how to pronounce some of the more difficult names like a local:
Athol (Ath ull)
Benewah (Ben ne wa)
Boekel (Bow kul)
Bohn (Bone)
Brunner (Broo ner)
Cassia (Kasha)
Cataldo (Caw tal doe)
Chinook (shin nook)
Coeur d’Alene (Core da lane)
Farragut (Fare a gut)
Fernan Lake Village (fur nann)
Hamaker (Hamm acker)
Hauser (How zer)
Huetter (Hutter)
Kalama (Kal lamma)
Kamiah (Kammi eye)
Kootenai (Koota-knee)
Latah (Lay ta)
Lapwai (Lap way)
Lewiston (NOT Lewis Town)
Moscow (Moss co)
Neider (Nyder)
Pen d’Oreille (Pon der ay)
Poirier (Poy yer)
Shoshone (Sho shone)
St. Maries (Saint Mary’s)
Worley (Wurlie)