Kim’s Story

Kim Cooper is a licensed real estate Broker, a REALTOR® and a board member of the Coeur d’Alene Association of REALTORS®.

I grew up on a farm. As I grew older, I missed the farm experience and decided to buy some acreage where I could play farmer. I bought 10 acres at the edge of town and bought some chickens – they stink – raised a few pigs – they don’t smell any better – and a couple head of cattle who would sometimes escape and be impounded by the sheriff and held for bail. I had created another job. I was unhappy, my wife was unhappy so we decided to sell our little piece of paradise.

A few weeks after hiring an agent I called for a progress update. ”How ’bout you leave me alone and let me do my job.” That’s what he told me when I asked if anyone was interested in buying my home. Trouble was, he wasn’t doing his job. He wasn’t trying. Wouldn’t even return calls. Six months into listing my home for sale, my agent didn’t show my property. Not one time. So, I fired the guy and went with another agent. Different agent same result. Strike two.

Now I’m on to my third real estate agent. This guy’s solution? Lower my price. I agreed. Maybe that would do the trick. Still, not much activity, so I decided to pour money into improvements. New paint and roof on the barn, new horse corral too. Anything to help sell my home. After I was finished, I called Joe up and said, “Come see what I’ve done. I really think this will help this place sell.” His response: “I think you oughta lower the price again.” That’s the day I decided to become a real estate agent. I am Kim Cooper and I promise to always communicate with you and never let you down. That’s my promise to you. When you contact me I will be responsive, attentive and go above and beyond your expectations for service. I guarantee it! Go ahead.  Call text or email me right now so we can begin a conversation about how I may best serve you.